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The Facts About Pennsylvania Auto Insurance

Insurance is all about getting the right fit. Every driver is different, and there is no "one size fits all" carrier. Contact your independent TKO Insurance agent today to build your own customized coverage policy.

  • Collision Coverage – This is the basic insurance that covers your vehicle if you collide, or run into something. This covers collisions with other cars as well as if you were to run into a wall, barrier, or bridge.
  • Comprehensive Coverage – This covers anything that may happen to your car that is not directly related a collision. This would include things like theft, fire, hitting a deer or vandalism.
  • Liability Coverage – This type of coverage covers damages when you are at fault in an accident and you damage someone else’s car or property. Liability coverage is often mandated by law, you can not drive without it.
  • Medical Payments – This is also called PIP in some states. Medical payments pay for any injuries to the driver or passengers resulting from an accident while you were driving. Medical payment insurance varies from state to state.